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See our News page for more information about upcoming events including our FREE Holiday HOLISTIC HAPPY HOUR 12/5, and a Clean Holiday Cooking Class 12/14!

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Be Healthy, Be Fit, Be Free

At Discover Health, we take a holistic approach to developing yoga classes and personalized programs that give our customers access to being healthy and fit for life.

Incorporating strength, flexibility, balance, focus, tone, breath, and relaxation, we partner with you to identify your interests and find what inspires and motivates you.

In yoga classes we set the stage for you to get a physical workout while expanding your mind and lifting your spirit. You can let go of stress, be present, and connect with your Source.

In private yoga sessions we custom develop your program to meet your needs, shaping your practice into something you look forward to and feel rewarded by.

We are a committed partner for your health and total well-being reflecting who you truly are. We create a program to nourish your body, mind, and spirit, from which you can experience freedom, power, and complete satisfaction.

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