Today's Highlights

Summer classes run from July 13 - August 27! Check out our NEW LOWER RATES that started 4/7, too! 

Please note that we are operating on a greatly reduced summer schedule but will return to our full offerings with our Fall session beginning Thursday, September 10th!


Check out our New Classes, LOWER RATES, and additional Instructors 

This April we jump-started our next stage of growth toward our goal of offering multiple classes each day of various levels and types that will allow you to:

  • GROW in your practice - We believe in the value of progressive classes that build upon lessons from prior weeks so you can continue to learn and grow through your practice. With this, we have started to offer more designated beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes that assume a certain starting point to build from. Each level teaches proper alignment for specific poses and guides you as you explore inner aspects of the pose through body, mind, and spirit.
  • Work it out - We also recognize that day to day stresses - physical, mental, and more - can be so much easier to deal with when you can work it out on the mat! Sometimes we just need a safe space to let go as we fall into the zen rhythm of a familiar routine! So, we have also added some classes suitable for all levels that include more familiar or frequently practiced poses that invite you to explore varying facets of your practice, while letting go of stress and recharging.
  • Pay According to Your Needs: Starting this April we have LOWER RATES and offer new, simplified payment options that allow loads of flexibility and provide a BIG per-class savings for those who wish to take more than one class a week!


Be Healthy, Be Fit, Be Free

At Discover Health, we take a holistic approach to developing yoga classes and personalized programs that give our customers access to being healthy and fit for life.

Incorporating strength, flexibility, balance, focus, tone, breath, and relaxation, we partner with you to identify your interests and find what inspires and motivates you.

In yoga classes we set the stage for you to get a physical workout while expanding your mind and lifting your spirit. You can let go of stress, be present, and connect with your Source.

In private yoga sessions we custom develop your program to meet your needs, shaping your practice into something you look forward to and feel rewarded by.

We are a committed partner for your health and total well-being reflecting who you truly are. We create a program to nourish your body, mind, and spirit, from which you can experience freedom, power, and complete satisfaction.

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